Thursday, July 2, 2009

The one good thing I've ever done!...Uhhh, 2.

Ok so It's been a while but for good reason. Pitch numero dos has been completed and is awaiting final printing! It's an action/adventure/comedy show entitled "The Mindscape Anthologies" and it KICKS ASS!!!! I have some time now so I'll try to get some of it online (as well as some stuff from the first pitch). Definitely more posts coming soon.

So months of inactivity have rendered me, well, huge to say the least; I look like a Samoan Jabba the Hut. My weight currently checks in at 290 Lbs. Yes, that's no typo...2-9-0! And although 300 sounds really great for bowling, it does not quite bode well for the human physique. So I'm joining a gym and hopefully I can lose some of it. Here's my workout plan:

And here a quick sketch I did the other day; color coming soon!

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Sal Lopez said...

The best way to lose weight is to spend all your free time drawing yourself as hot buff stud... Self-image is key!

Diggin' the quick sketch of the girl...color looks pretty sweet especially the hair.