Monday, November 23, 2009

The "X" In CTN-X Was A Gross Mis-Advertisement

Woo-hoo, CTN-X occurred this weekend though I went only Saturday. Waaaaaay better than Comic-Con for those of you who did not make the venture to Burbank. More animation, less crowds, and no fanboy geeks dressing up as Wolvy (well, that is except me of course).

The only thing(s) missing were Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Film Roman; three of the largest TV animation studios IN THE FREAKIN' WORLD!!!! And all three within a two mile radius of the Mariott Hotel! Come on guys, get it together here. But other than that, quite the kick ass time. Definitely going back next year!

Now I should note that I suck as a picture taker. Would of had more but all these pics were taken within the last 10 minutes of the expo.

Pixar is awesome. Bill Presing is awesomer. Makes the rest of us look like disheveled hobo pocket lint. On a side note I think I scared him off a tad as I do with everyone else. Gotta stop drooling and charging at artists I like.

Animation royalty: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Never actually heard their story quite the way they told it. And of course I had the flash on for this one so the pic looks like ass.

Dean Yeagle...I'll let my silence speak for itself......

Dean Yeagle's "Scribblings 2" and "One Mandy Morning"; Bill Presing's "Book Plate Betties"; and of course Justin Orr had a Wolvy print on him and I couldn't resist myself. Would have got more stuff but ran out of doughage.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mermaids, Unicorns, and Siberian Tigers in Outer Space

I figured I'd like to sit down and get a cool scene painted rather than post the usual crap I subject you guys to. So I've chosen to do an underwater scene with hot mermaids, manly divers, and the coral cave they love. Here's the concept although I may change a few things on the mermaid and I may also add another diver or two. Still not too sure of the overall size I want the characters to be in respects to the scene. And even now as I look at it the character orientation is ridiculously boring.

And here's the (mostly) cleaned up pencil of the scene. I had thought of inking it but since my focus is on painting here I figure the pencils are fine. God I hate drawing layouts.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


He could hear their distant shrills; their moans and groans, of a city that creaks on rusted hinges. He knew of the carnage below in his city. The long shadows covering what shouldn't be seen. Its streets bathed in the crimson cries of the innocents.

But oh, how the stars shine. No memory of follies past, no reflections of evil beneath. Healed are those deep cuts; muffled are those screams of those you couldn't save. You are beyond the city that imprisoned you. You are free; you are Stargazer.

...and random sketch of a Futuristic Cop