Tuesday, March 25, 2008

(sing along) What if Saaatan waaaas one of uuuuus

Well, first off I should state that the casting for The Mole is indeed complete, and considering the fact that I had not received a call, it's probably safe to assume that I was not chosen to participate. I'm not bitter and am confident in the fact that the producers and hi-level execs had not made, nor will ever make a mistake in their casting decisions.

So let us move on and see what's on tap. I've been fairly busy re-working my portfolio so I haven't had time to update as often I as I'd like. I've also had to rescan some things as a result of a malfunctioned flash stick. I kind of, sort of, may or may not had it on me while I went surfing...

...Soooo I finally got this piece colored although I may still go back and add some blood splatters and perhaps dirty it up a bit. Overall though I'm mighty pleased with its appearance.

My 14th personality has problems

And here's a quick sketch of a toker gettin' busted because the devil above told me to draw it.