Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beardless and Randomness

Well the beard has been cut once more, but like Sampson, the true vigor lies within my long, flowing black locks... All hail the mighty 'do.

Any who, much randomness has occurred since last we spoke. With destiny putting a damper on my career goals and you know, my aspirations and what not, I've decided to broaden the window of opportunity. It's become a very large window to say the least. Some of you may remember the short lived reality tv show, "The Mole" from the earlier part of the decade. Well it just so happens that they recently had an open cast call in San Diego, so I figured, why the hell not...

40 min of footage + 1 night of editing=

I wanted several more shots to be included but overall I'm pretty pleased with the way it has turned out, all considering. Thank God for iMovie; I used Final Cut to upload the clips but since I don't have the software I had to sneak into Art Institute of San Diego to use it. Unfortunately their hours suck and I had to leave early but not before I converted all of the clips into quicktime movie files. Then I just put it all together in iMovie which is practically retards' Final Cut Pro. Duuhhh, thanks Apple, you're the bestest!