Sunday, May 20, 2007

I need some whores and a large, murky river STAT!

So I haven't yet found some random couch within a studio where I can sleep, and tell stories, and have people asking "who the fuck is that guy!?! SECURITY!!!!" and what have you. Well, gotta keep hope alive. Stanley Kubrick tells me that when life got him down he just screwed some prostitutes and tossed their bodies into the Hudson...Ahhhh, the 'ol screw and toss. Classic.

Also, some congrats are in order for those of you whom just graduated. So congratulations to Sal, Anri-uru (HAI!!!), Trey, John Cahoon, Miyuki, Mikey ("Master" of my universe) Williams, Mike Nassar, and Ryan Kramer. And if I didn't mention you, well, who am I kidding, I just don't fuckin' like you. Welcome to post-graduate hell my friends; population: you.

Well, I have been drawing a little more recently and created a new character. I'm so excited that I'm as giddy as a school girl (which would explain the rapid increase in masturbation over the past week). I call her Orbit! She's an anti-hero and I'm still fine tuning her back story to include her into one of my sagas. Her creation was funny because I was out driving around and thought to myself that I no longer posses the ability of creativity and that I suck as an artist; and then her image just popped in my head. No inspiration, no nothing. Big thanks to the "Stanley Kubrick for Tal" Foundation, I guess.

I think she needs a little Jenna Elfman

Weapons. Gotta have weapons.

That's a lotta balls!

Strike a pose.

Comic Mode (and yes she's nude under the straps)


Monday, May 7, 2007

Klassic Korner II (with your friendly neighborhood Tal)

Well, first off let me say Merry (late) Free Comic Book Day to everyone. I hope you guys got yours 'cause I sure as hell got mine; 19 free comics to be precise. I traveled to five stores to get 'em. It was the single best thing that has happened to me all week...'Nuff Said.

Oh, and my San Antonio Spurs took the first game against the Suns which took me to another level of nirvana. As it turns out, six of my personalities are huge Spurs fans soooo...Go Spurs Go!

Anyways, Free Comic Day got me in such a good mood that I've decided to devote this special installment of Klassic Korner entirely to "Comics of my Days' Passed". I collected a few comic related sketches that I had stashed from my youth. J-Ridge ain't got nothing on these. He's got his "Hard Eight" (which I had witnessed first hand after visiting House of Heroes). So may I present to you, "Eight the Hard Way" (and sorry Steve, no Moon Knight):

Angel never looked so good

It's like playing MK with robots, only not

I think I drew this a month ago

Electrical Superman rip-off

It appears as though I "onslaughtered" Wolvy

I'm going to name all my kids Logan

Wait, I see a pattern here

One Wolvy=102,439,992 Moon Knights