Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random Oddities

Wow, my Jenna Elfman sketches are comin' along quite shitty...I suck. As such, I will continue doing Jenna until she tells me to stop (that's right, you read it correctly).

Also, I watched TMNT on Sunday and would recommend it to any avid "Turtles" fan. Definitely nowhere near perfect (just read the reviews online), but it was rather entertaining and it beats watching anything that's come out within the last few months. Finally, an American animated movie with some goddamn violence. Oh and April is hot I would totally do her, 3D model or otherwise.

And last but not least, congrats to Matt Long for being the first person to delete one of my comments. I'm actually surprised that it took that long (no pun intended).

Anyways, time for some oddities...

Monday, March 19, 2007

King of the Hill and two many "Jens" to count

Ahhh, it's been a while. First off, let me say awesome gallery opening Mathyuki!! Just like my cupcake dreams minus the trannies...you can't win em' all.

Soooooo I dreamt of another girl. She doesn't really look like anyone but the other day I actually sat down and watched "Keeping the Faith" (don't ask) and Jenna Elfman's character really seemed to accurately reflect the girl. So now I'm fixated on drawing this girl all the while somehow incorporating Jenna Elfman into her design. It's just finding a balance between masturbating to her photos and actually using them for reference that's become the one true challenge. I woudn't really say she's the new Bettie, but rather the old Dana; He was drunk, I was not, and one thing led to another...

I love you Dharma...or is she Greg?

Anywho, some of you guys kept asking me about King of the Hill, so I decided to post some of the pages I drew out from the models they sent. I managed to pile up quite a bit of them but here are just a few; I would have posted the actual boards, but such filth would cause "Animation" to turn into a step-father of mine, who would then proceed to beat and rape me.

Oh, and I asked Jen Lerew [Moscovici] (of the Blackwing Diaries) to marry me and she didn't respond so I will now go ahead and announce that we are engaged!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The reason you've lived your life is NOW!

So those bastards at Canon finally sent my new scanner. Yessssss, thank you lord Jesus!! Finally, you may all get to enjoy Bettie Page as much as I do (sorry Katzenjammer, no "Pedophile Korner" just yet). So tell your friends, squeeze one on your lunch break, and check these out.

For those of you who may not be keen to the origin of my Bettie fetish, I had just got off my "Manos" obsession when I had an amazing dream. I dreamt that I met a beautiful girl that looked somewhat like Bettie, only with shorter hair. I told myself that this was not my ordinary "Trannies and Cupcakes" line of dreaming, no, this one was special mind you. So I began drawing her (Bettie, not my dream girl), first without reference and then using all references available to me on the 'net.

Up to this point I probably have about 20 front/back pages of just Bettie (with the majority created during the Spring '06 Semester through the summer). These pics include the most noteworthy sketches:

First off, some of my first Bettie's without stylistic reference...

Now for some of my favorite. They're in ascending order to keep it interesting.

Total Glines rip-off...


and finally...I love the candid feel of this one. Bettie Page is rarely seen outside of the camera's eye.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Klassic Korner I

Wow...so like yeah, my personalities 5 and 11 are such downers. Boooo hooo, nobody likes my drawings; my scanner doesn't work; my favorite pair of fishnet stalkings ripped. Cry me a fuckin' river, guys. Justin Ridge doesn't cry when his pantyhose accessories malfunction? No, he mans up and buys a new pair god damn it!

Anyways, with my new scanner on its way from the factory, I figured this would be a great time to introduce my first installment of "Klassic Korner". I think old (and perhaps shitty drawings) are awesome and I get tired of seeing the same great artwork throughout the 'net (damn that panty wearing J-Ridge). Let us open our hearts and close our eyes, to the most god-awful and perhaps awe striking conceptions of our days passed. So join me , won't you, as I embark on a journey to find the worst sketchbook page, EVER (and some other cool shit along the way)!

Today's topic: Foot Fetishists and my 15th personality who absolutely isn't one.



Friday, March 2, 2007

When in doubt, ROTOSCOPE!

As some of you know, life's cruelty and unrelenting humor wouldn't allow myself access to anything that may be considered "good" or "practical"; I'm God's ginger kid stepchild. So of course all this chaotic randomness within my universe would lead me to a job as a high school assistant tennis coach...it just makes sense.

Well, some of the perks that came with the job included t-shirt designs. The first one I did (if some of you remember) was well liked by the guys on the team. It was simple, it was bold, and yes, it was a photograph traced over in Photoshop. Although not my proudest achievement (rotoscoping minus the animation), it did suit the team well.

For the girls I decided to spread the wings of ingenuity, to go out on that ledge and laugh at death's cold hearted threat. If I have learned anything in this life it's that when you try to do something different, you are inherently rejected by all. You're labeled an "independent" or a nuisance to the industry and tossed to the side like an overused condom.

But as usual, I'm venturing off topic. Personally, I like the design...I wear it on a regular basis. Ironically, the guys on the team liked it better than the girls.


1st version

Final version (limited color palette due to cost)

So is it too bold for a t-shirt? Perhaps. But the mass public and top executives don't want to see another Iron Giant, they want A Scanner Darkly or the same animated movie over and over and over and over...Full proof that when in doubt, rotoscope it.