Saturday, March 10, 2007

The reason you've lived your life is NOW!

So those bastards at Canon finally sent my new scanner. Yessssss, thank you lord Jesus!! Finally, you may all get to enjoy Bettie Page as much as I do (sorry Katzenjammer, no "Pedophile Korner" just yet). So tell your friends, squeeze one on your lunch break, and check these out.

For those of you who may not be keen to the origin of my Bettie fetish, I had just got off my "Manos" obsession when I had an amazing dream. I dreamt that I met a beautiful girl that looked somewhat like Bettie, only with shorter hair. I told myself that this was not my ordinary "Trannies and Cupcakes" line of dreaming, no, this one was special mind you. So I began drawing her (Bettie, not my dream girl), first without reference and then using all references available to me on the 'net.

Up to this point I probably have about 20 front/back pages of just Bettie (with the majority created during the Spring '06 Semester through the summer). These pics include the most noteworthy sketches:

First off, some of my first Bettie's without stylistic reference...

Now for some of my favorite. They're in ascending order to keep it interesting.

Total Glines rip-off...


and finally...I love the candid feel of this one. Bettie Page is rarely seen outside of the camera's eye.

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