Monday, September 12, 2011

Advanced Vis Com Portfolio

All work herein has been produced entirely by Tal Moscovici copyright 2011, unless otherwise stated.

"Cerberites"-Roughed out with col-erase and tied-down with mechanical pencil.

"Coral Reef"-Cleaned with mechanical pencil and toned in Photoshop.

"Smith and Wessen Heartbreaker"-For reference as a CG model. Original in pencils. Cleaned and toned in Photoshop.

"Haggis Hut"-Designed in pencil and created entirely in Photoshop.

"Mindscape Concepts"-Cleaned and painted in Photoshop.

Taken from "12 Bars" Comic-Cleaned with pencils and painted in Photoshop.

Collection of painted sketches-Pencils and Photoshop.