Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Bad Ass" animation, jahv turkeys!

Hey so I've recently messed around with Flash CS4 and decided to do two things I haven't done for a while. 1) Post (or animate) an animation test and 2) Post this character near and dear to all our hearts. Ladies and gentle men, I give you the ever lovable, ever insightful, Bad Ass Man.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Start Your Sketchbook On A Positive

I really liked the challenge of trying to draw Yeagle's work so I decided to do a couple more pages.

I thought the animals came out much better than his girls. And specifically, i kept having an issue concerning the construction of their faces. All the features kept coming out off, EVEN WHEN I TRIED TO TRACE ONE (left, second one from the bottom)!!! Definitely more to come in the future.

And now for some random sketches:

Just call me.....SLING BLADES (uhhh, no relation to Karl Childers)!!!

And lastly and definitely least, here's a sketch of an (new) old buddy. That was supposed to be his tongue sticking out, but instead looks like a condom. So as an honorable artist, always seeking perfection, I of course............kept it in. I just assumed he loves the taste (who doesn't, right?).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How To End Your Sketchbook on a Positive

As I've been nearing the end of my sketchbook, I figured that the best way to mark its conclusion would be with the awesome work of others. And surprisingly I never really went back and touched all that stuff I bought at CTN so I figured it'd be a good start (or fitting end?). So here's some work copied from a couple favorites, Dean Yeagle and Bill Presing (whom are linked to the right along with all my others)!

So starting out with Yeagle was somewhat difficult considering his characters/girls are a hell of a lot more technical than my own. But I do enjoy the challenge. I noticed that the faces in particular had to be extremely precise in their arrangement or else they looked like awful crap. All from his second sketchbook.

The slightest millimeter (or in my case, foot) of a line off and you've got horrid hellish garbage!

Presing's simplicity suits me a little better considering I've drawn his work since school. I noticed a wider head than I'm used to on most of his girls which gave me a little trouble. All these were drawn from "Book Plate Betties".

This is an awesome book for many reasons. My favorite being that he keeps his rough construction, and yes, even erased limbs within his final product! Another great thing about his book is the surprising variety in body shapes he gets while still maintaining simplicity.