Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Start Your Sketchbook On A Positive

I really liked the challenge of trying to draw Yeagle's work so I decided to do a couple more pages.

I thought the animals came out much better than his girls. And specifically, i kept having an issue concerning the construction of their faces. All the features kept coming out off, EVEN WHEN I TRIED TO TRACE ONE (left, second one from the bottom)!!! Definitely more to come in the future.

And now for some random sketches:

Just call me.....SLING BLADES (uhhh, no relation to Karl Childers)!!!

And lastly and definitely least, here's a sketch of an (new) old buddy. That was supposed to be his tongue sticking out, but instead looks like a condom. So as an honorable artist, always seeking perfection, I of course............kept it in. I just assumed he loves the taste (who doesn't, right?).