Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Matthyuki wed itself and John, Krisalufski?

So it's been a while, and I still don't have a scanner, and I'm totally flakey on this blog. On the bright side though I've moved to another place within San Diego and am now staying with a beloved, refugee Serbian family...Seriously.

And one more thing before we get to some Johnny K lovin'. Huge congrats to Matthyuki on their official unification in matrimony last week. I would have liked to be there but I had a prior engagement of sitting nude in front of the mirror (life drawing classes are a bitch to find). Anyways, may your newly found amorous devotion acquire you the heavenly joys not fathomed by those unloved.

Recently I made a trip out to LA for the First Annual Animation Festival. There, I finally met the wonderous character designer for Galaxy High School, John K...Oh, and he did some off beat thing with a dog and cat and, well, that's not really important right now. He did however check out my sketch book, but it was after our chance meeting though that I've realized that I made a huge ass of myself (perhaps not surprising to many of you). Judge for yourself:

Me love John K long time