Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Becoming a Professional Nude....Drawer.....Uhhh, Guy.

More Life Drawing!!! It seems like I either work on my comic or draw naked people these days. Ahhhh, what a life.

This one was a first for me. We toned the paper ourselves using a combination of acrylic paint and gesso. I believe the technical art names of the paint I used were "Red" and "Green". Anyways it actually worked better than I expected. Nothing penetrates the paper so the medium can be moved around very easily, plus you can erase your ass off and never damage the paper. Like drawing on plastic. Cool effect too.

My teacher's exact words: "Oh, ok, lookin' good; nice detail on the boobagery. Uh-huh, good. Yeah, really nice work Ta.....Ahhh, what the fuck happened to her hand!!?! Jesus H. Christ, THERE IS NO GOD!!"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sun Beaten and Left for Dead

Alrighty, I've just recovered from a sunstroke I endured since last Thursday!! Haven't really been drawing a whole lot, what with the inability of my body to control it's own core temperature and all. So before I was so casually raped by the sun, I decided to get some leg and feet sketches down. Legs and feet are just so weird to draw. Plus I finally scanned a long pose from my life drawing class...