Friday, March 2, 2007

When in doubt, ROTOSCOPE!

As some of you know, life's cruelty and unrelenting humor wouldn't allow myself access to anything that may be considered "good" or "practical"; I'm God's ginger kid stepchild. So of course all this chaotic randomness within my universe would lead me to a job as a high school assistant tennis just makes sense.

Well, some of the perks that came with the job included t-shirt designs. The first one I did (if some of you remember) was well liked by the guys on the team. It was simple, it was bold, and yes, it was a photograph traced over in Photoshop. Although not my proudest achievement (rotoscoping minus the animation), it did suit the team well.

For the girls I decided to spread the wings of ingenuity, to go out on that ledge and laugh at death's cold hearted threat. If I have learned anything in this life it's that when you try to do something different, you are inherently rejected by all. You're labeled an "independent" or a nuisance to the industry and tossed to the side like an overused condom.

But as usual, I'm venturing off topic. Personally, I like the design...I wear it on a regular basis. Ironically, the guys on the team liked it better than the girls.


1st version

Final version (limited color palette due to cost)

So is it too bold for a t-shirt? Perhaps. But the mass public and top executives don't want to see another Iron Giant, they want A Scanner Darkly or the same animated movie over and over and over and over...Full proof that when in doubt, rotoscope it.

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katzenjammer studios said...

Dude, rotoscoping is so last night. Motion capture, my friend. Motion the capture.