Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Whiney rant" alert

Yeah, so let's see what hasn't gone right for me lately: I don't have a job, I still live at home, my penis pump hasn't worked at all, Matt just informed me that my comments won't get me a higher rank on Google, and every test I turn into Film Roman is viciously rejected. Thankfully I can now add a new one to the list: My scanner just broke; I think that should fit snugly between "my penis pump" and "I still live at home".

So for now, I will just post anything I can find while my scanner is on haitus. I will also look forward to starting many new segments in the near future. I call it "info-tainment", so stay tuned.

I figured my first post should be something fitting my romantic and debonair persona; something sweet and elegant with the pleasing perfume of "Tal" by Calvin Klein. Unfortunetly I couldn't scan Bettie so I chose The Manchester Jester (aka ManJester for those who know him best). Most of you know him as the lovable, psychotic, demi-clown who rapes things and kills people. I finally finished modeling him in Maya and also revamped his 2D appearance in accordance to his 3D state.


...and 3D

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katzenjammer studios said...

Holy shit. I didn't know you draw!

Dude, start writing scripts and shop those around. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are eating up pitches like Anna Nicole Smith ate mushrooms and methadone. Or just start making them yourself. The guys at are making money off their stuff. I think you're funnier than them. Plus, you're a snappy dresser.

Yes, I know, when I had a shaven head I look like the new Britney Spears, except my tits were better.

Your pal,
Chris "Stubbs" Allison