Sunday, May 20, 2007

I need some whores and a large, murky river STAT!

So I haven't yet found some random couch within a studio where I can sleep, and tell stories, and have people asking "who the fuck is that guy!?! SECURITY!!!!" and what have you. Well, gotta keep hope alive. Stanley Kubrick tells me that when life got him down he just screwed some prostitutes and tossed their bodies into the Hudson...Ahhhh, the 'ol screw and toss. Classic.

Also, some congrats are in order for those of you whom just graduated. So congratulations to Sal, Anri-uru (HAI!!!), Trey, John Cahoon, Miyuki, Mikey ("Master" of my universe) Williams, Mike Nassar, and Ryan Kramer. And if I didn't mention you, well, who am I kidding, I just don't fuckin' like you. Welcome to post-graduate hell my friends; population: you.

Well, I have been drawing a little more recently and created a new character. I'm so excited that I'm as giddy as a school girl (which would explain the rapid increase in masturbation over the past week). I call her Orbit! She's an anti-hero and I'm still fine tuning her back story to include her into one of my sagas. Her creation was funny because I was out driving around and thought to myself that I no longer posses the ability of creativity and that I suck as an artist; and then her image just popped in my head. No inspiration, no nothing. Big thanks to the "Stanley Kubrick for Tal" Foundation, I guess.

I think she needs a little Jenna Elfman

Weapons. Gotta have weapons.

That's a lotta balls!

Strike a pose.

Comic Mode (and yes she's nude under the straps)



Sal Lopez said...

Thanks Tallyman!

The pose looks good, can't wait to see it more developed.

Keep pushing forward, because in the end the baby will be born!

John said...

Thank you sir. I'd like to think of something witty to say...but I lack the vocabulary and the know how.

So what are you up to these days Tal, you graduate you?

Tal Moscovici said...

Eh, just applying to random places...What's most pathetic is that I haven't even landed an interview yet.
Stanley needs a hug and wishes he would have picked a more, say, successful vessel.

Floyd makes everything better though. There's something about Mudmen...

Ryan Kramer said...

i'm telling you man, we need to have a session of floyd, pencils,herbal refreshments, and ehem..herbs. We need to combine jew forces and continue to take over hollywood.

John said...

This time I have it right...

June, Dark Side of the Moon, Roger Waters and Irvine Meadows

May the drooling begin.

Stanley is welcome to come, but he's gotta provide his own freebies.

John said...


I went to the concert this past Friday...I have to say it's one of the best concerts I've ever been to. It was really long and the last half he played the entire Dark Side of the Moon album from beginning to end without a break. It sounded just like it did when it was first layed down to vinyl. He encored with "Another Brick in the Wall" was awesome. Wish I could relive that concert every week. Anyway, I'll be framing the ticket now. Just thought I'd share my awesome Roger Waters experience.

John said...

Where or where hath Tal gone?

james ramos said...

I just stumbled on your page as I was updating my links. Its good to run into you again. I would ask how its going but your personalities have made it quite clear... you have gone completely insane. LOL

anyway, just wanted to say whats up. As for sleeping on the couch in the animation studio... I appologize for inspiring you to sleep. I know I made it look fun, but I really did work... I promise. ;)
Hit me up sometime, and stay classy.
all 10 of you ;D

james ramos said...
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