Tuesday, March 25, 2008

(sing along) What if Saaatan waaaas one of uuuuus

Well, first off I should state that the casting for The Mole is indeed complete, and considering the fact that I had not received a call, it's probably safe to assume that I was not chosen to participate. I'm not bitter and am confident in the fact that the producers and hi-level execs had not made, nor will ever make a mistake in their casting decisions.

So let us move on and see what's on tap. I've been fairly busy re-working my portfolio so I haven't had time to update as often I as I'd like. I've also had to rescan some things as a result of a malfunctioned flash stick. I kind of, sort of, may or may not had it on me while I went surfing...

...Soooo I finally got this piece colored although I may still go back and add some blood splatters and perhaps dirty it up a bit. Overall though I'm mighty pleased with its appearance.

My 14th personality has problems

And here's a quick sketch of a toker gettin' busted because the devil above told me to draw it.


chrisallison said...

you should title the first piece puberty and the second piece chris allison.

i've been looking at nickelodeon. seems like the "sits on the couch and eats company potato chips" job isn't available anymore. i have no idea what i'm gonna do.

i'm glad you're not on network television. cuz i still wouldn't be able to see it (unless i get the channel on my rabbit ears). but doesn't this make the temptation to make your own hilarious animated shorts and put them on the web without the need for the approval of some jerk off more appealing?

Tal Moscovici said...

Yeah, I was told the "Bathe in the reflective glow of J-Ridge and stare lovingly at Alison Mann" job was already taken... Damn it! I would have been good at that one!

I think it's probably good that I didn't get on the show because of the whole "universe collapsing on itself" thing. It tempts me to have other people animate my hilarious animations for me so that I may be that jerk-off. It's every jew's dream, my friend.

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