Thursday, July 23, 2009

I prefer my head stay on my shoulders, gracias.

OK, I wanted to get one last post into the month of July before I ventured to the deep, blackened heart of The Mexican Amazonian Coastline. That's 4 posts in July!!!! A new world record!

Oh yeah, so I'm going down to Rosarito for some surfeage, some fun in the sun, maybe a decapitation or two; all great fun! A deserted sandy beach with hidden dismembered bodies just seemed a little more tempting than being shoulder-to-shoulder with geeky nerds, what with their Moon Knight outfits and various robot fetishes. I'll be back probably late next week or so with some kick ass pics.

So here's a second pass at that one girl. Fixed a couple things thanks to the wonderful, malicious attempts of Matt Long to destroy that which I hold dear. The right leg definitely bothered me more than anything, though now her foot, shall I say, offers an interesting silhouette? Judge for yourself:

21st Century Schizoid Maaaaaaaaan!


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