Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Father, The Red Cyclone

Wow, it feels goooooooood to draw a variety of things for a change. Like take for example the greatest Street Fighter character ever, Zangief. No reference, no research, no countless hours of nude self studies in front of the mirror. I just felt like drawing him and I just did it; what a concept, huh? And better yet he looks like absolute shit and I could care less (so no crit necessary on this one Matt, ha). Only in America (or possibly the former Soviet Union)!

The last thing you see before your lifeless body flies spinning through the air, your head, shattered like so many foolish hopes and dreams.

May color this one, but probably not.


Matthew Long said...

Haha, too bad you didn
t draw the part where he pile drives all those arguing school yard kids from his SF4 intro (deleted scene, I'm sure it was originally in there).

Tal Moscovici said...

I would, though drawing it would be like tracing the images that have plagued (or rather graced?) our minds since you guys bought the damn game.