Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ole! 2 (Mexico Pics!!!)

Finally got the pics from my brother. The hotel we were staying at is a couple minutes south of Rosarito, Mexico. Very nice area; I recommend it.

This is the view from our hotel room. Absolutely gorgeous as you can see. They have many weddings here as seen on the bottom left.

Me and my brothers; to the right, my younger brother Ido and on the far right, my older brother Danny. It was Danny's 30th b-day hence the main reason for the trip.

Me looking fabulous as usual.

This is a staircase leading down to the surf. When we first got there the surf got up to about 10ft in size. Notice all the people surfing aren't anywhere near the farthest wave out...There's good reason for that as we soon found out.

Lunch at the hotel restaurant.

Lunch didn't quite do it for me soooo...

Save me Jebus!

All in all a nice way to finish the trip before you have to scamper across the border avoiding the night (and a stab wound to the back, Ole!)


Matthew Long said...

Were you adopted or did you just hog up all of the Zangeif genes?

Tal Moscovici said...

Think of it as the movie "Twins". I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger and my brothers received the Danny DeVito genes left over.

Sal Lopez said...

Sweet pictures of the ocean...please post more ocean pictures...I second the adopted motion.