Thursday, August 6, 2009


Felt like drawing some more girlies recently, checkin' out every retro-styled girlie site on the web. Trying to loosen up the style on my girls and allow for more flow and line economy.

So after checking out some of Dean Yeagle's work (interlaced with frequent sobbing and disgust with my own work), I decided to try a few Yeaglesque girls. Here's one which by no means comes close (reference would of helped). The hands, especially the left one, still bother me so I may go back and redo them:

This is another attempt to loosen up my girls (without resorting to the usual double Martini laced with roofies). I especially like the simplicity of her legs which is quite unusual for me. The color turned out pretty well too. And thanks to Yeagle for inspiring the "Torpedo" retro-breasts.


Brilliant, blinding color

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