Tuesday, December 4, 2007


By now some of you have been informed of the recent tragic death of our fallen comrade, Arthur Yeh. He was slain in a car accident on Thursday morning. He was only 26 years old.

But what I somber over is not Arthur's death, but rather the absence of his life which has brought joy to so many around him, including myself. I hate to think that I will never see him or hear his voice ever again. When I think of him now, a smile envelopes my face, yet my heart weeps. My computer screen is a blur due to tears forming around my eyes...I still can't believe he's gone.

What I miss most about Arthur is his calm demeanor and whimsical humor amongst other things. You could be in a room with him and not even notice his presence...Just an aura of comfort that followed him everywhere he went. He was humble, and very private, but out of his own world he was possibly the kindest person I've ever met. I guess I'm trying to say that Arthur was nothing like me; and that's what I appreciated most about him.

Through many days and nights sullied away together within the animation department, I remember Arthur's favorite anecdote between us went as such:

I had taken Cartooning with Joe Forkan. Arthur wasn't in the class, but would constantly attend so we sat together as if he had been enrolled. One day a comic project was due and I realized that one of the panels had about 70% negative space. After laughing hysterically at my dilemma, Arthur suggested that I throw some kites in to take up the space. I figured it's probably better than nothing and did so...Joe ripped me a new ass hole on the project and actually commented on the kites saying "...and then you've got these kites over here and, uhh, I don't even know why they're there..."

I don't remember what the comic was about, I have no idea what grade I got, but I'll always remember looking at Arthur and blaming him for it all while we laughed uncontrollably as my project was verbally abused. Now I think back to that moment as another negative space fills my life; a void created due to a friend departed. And I keep hearing Arthur say "Just put some kites in there" as my eyes begin to well up once more..."Kites" he said.

I wish I had seen him once more before his death. I wish I had more time to know him better. But most of all I wish I had a chance to tell him exactly what I've just told you. It's unfortunate that one never really gets to express oneself to a friend until they've passed away. I offer my condolences to his family and close friends and anybody else that had the pleasure of knowing Arthur Yeh. I apologize for the lack of crude jokes and vulgar wit on this post. And if you have anything to share, please don't hesitate to leave a comment no matter how well you knew Arthur. Rest in Peace Arthur Yeh.


Raynard Castillo said...

That was very well put Tal. His humor is one of many things I will miss about him. He always lent a helping hand and I really appreciate that quality about him.

Nose2Nose said...

Thank you. That was nice. There is more at http://arthuryeh.blogspot.com/.

Stevie Schulz said...

I remember the kites... what a perfect metaphor for Arthur.

Sal Lopez said...

Very nice words Tal. I did not get to know Arthur well, but the couple of times he, matt and I had lunch while interning at cartoon network, we had a blast!

We watched Tom & Jerry in the lobby and talked about the good old days of animation. He always seemed like a good, honest person. It makes me sad to hear about one of our fellow titans passing. He will be missed