Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm not Japanese, but I'll learn

You know, I woke about a month ago and I thought to myself, "if my Japanese ancestors were to see me today, it would bring great dishonor and misfortune to our family". And that's when it hit me: looking Japanese was much easier than actually, you know, "adhering to the culture" and so forth. Ahhhhh the looks I've received over the past month have been priceless; I walked past a little girl and her mom when the little girl looks up at me and screams out "WHOA!". Another time I visited my dad as he was reading the paper. He lowered it, took one glance and said "Heee's lost it." I'm sorry but the race a person imitates or how many personalities one has should not determine whether or not one be psychologically unstable...And now a word from my sponsor:

Playing in theatres nowhere: Her family killed by the mob; her life destroyed in 12/100th of a second. Iro Surasaki is..."Blood Geisha"

Let's see, what's in the news? Hey has anyone heard about those new scrolls they found in Japan? They're saying they're as long and as historically important as the Dead Sea Scrolls. It's an absolutely hypnotizing story really. I managed to find a piece of one of the scrolls online and thought I'd be cool to share.

Huh, that finely tuned courageous samurai warrior, practically bursting at the seams with masculinity, looks awfully familiar

Finally I'd like to say, Merry Halloween everyone!! Tal's Halloween Safety Tip #43: And remeber kids, if a strange man (especially one pretending to be Japanese) offers you some candy, take it. One can never have too much candy on Halloween night!


Sal Lopez said...

HAHAH! Want some Candy little kid?

Pimp ass self-portrait, that's Japanese status.

John said...

Awesome pics, Grasshopper. I agree with Sal...that is one hell of a self-port.

Tal Moscovici said...

Thanks fellas...I have a nude version in case you guys are interested.

I believe that drawing myself in the bare gives me godly sexual powers, like the ones God must have when He draws Himself in the nude.

Ryan Kramer said...

tal, hollywood jew writers are on strike! now's our time to pounce and become the replacement jew scabs! :)

btw, i've been at nick for about 4 months now...hopefully i can stick around for a while

Ryan Kramer said...
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Tal Moscovici said...

Jew Scabs Assemble!!

John said...

Scabs taste funny.


Jared M. Boone said...

No words can express the amazement I feel.

::single tear drop::