Friday, April 13, 2007

Pink is the new black

God it's been a while. I had to get a job at a grocery store just to make a little extra cash, so I haven't had the time to update my posts. Stanley Kubrick pointed out that the blog had become stale and cliche, losing all relevant wit. So I did what any hetero-male artist would do; I went back to pink. The good thing about multiple personalities is all the feedback you receive. It's like your own personal animation studio. Unfortunately we're all forced to share one bathroom (personalities 3 and 6 leave shaven pubes in the sink).

Also, let me say Merry Passover everyone. Tal's fun fact #89: The Jewish custom of Passover originated in Ancient Israel, resulting from the epic fight between Jesus and Moses in the low desert valley of the Dead Sea. Long story short, Jesus gets his ass handed or "passed over" to him. That's why Easter is celebrated just after Passover; Jesus finally wakes from the beat down. Tal's fun fact #90: Hence, "The Dead Sea".

Aaaand on that note, let's see some art. I drew many a Jenna Elfman and most of them pretty much sucked. Here's the best one...

But as you may recall, Jenna wasn't the prime objective. I was trying to find reference for that girl that I dreamt about. Although she really doesn't resemble Jenna a whole lot, I've chosen certain attributes to add to her persona. I call her Julia/ Julie (in ascending order as usual).


Does the carpet match the curtains?

Getting more refined...

My fav


John said...

I like how your pushing the proportions. Stanley was right, pink works better on your site. So are all of these drawings in a sketch book (some look like their done in painter) Good luck on drawing your dream girl.

Sal Lopez said...

My favorite one is the half in the water, half out drawing.

Great idea to reference that girl.

Tal Moscovici said...

Thanks guys. Actually all sketches are done in pencil. I'm a meat and pencils kinda guy.