Saturday, April 28, 2007

Depression, Tennis, and Chicken

AHHHHHH!!! Work sucks! I just got my first day off in two weeks. Over this past week alone I think I drew two things. I'm so bummed out that for half an hour I thought of a way to humorously end this little intro of mine, and couldn't think of a thing. Kubrick has taken leave and all other personalities are in a state of stupor so the studio has shut down temporarily. Oh wait, I got it: Why did I cross the road? Because an underdeveloped adolescent child was standing on the other side. Hahahahaha...wait, that's not funny; that's just terrible. Damn it.

Well, this probably is the least I've ever written, so most of you are probably overflowing with joy. Yeah, screw you guys. Anyways, parallel to my current mood, here are those "two sketches" I got done this week.

Roger Federer, eat your heart out

Would you like some chicken with that chicken?


Sal Lopez said...

Haha thank god Tal didn't write all of lifestyle section on this post!

Dude I feel you could push the bumout factor in the two about some flies and stink lines???

John said...

I love the fact that it's the same pose but different props...earns even more pity. haha...nice job.

Tal Moscovici said...

Tal thanks you, John.

And Sal, it sounds like you've been hanging around too many six year olds.

John said...

um, your welcome.....Stanley?