Thursday, April 7, 2011

WonderCon Pics

OK, so as promised here are the WonderCon pics!!!

Long car ride of "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?..."

We made it!!!

Got there and Trey was all alone...So sad. Upon my arrival it's clear I did absolutely nothing to cheer him up, hahahaha.

After clearly cheering up Trey, I posed with my girlfriend, Allyson. She's awesome!! She's basically like me, only sensible, cuter and with boobs!! And it was our first road trip together!! (Awwwwww....)

Setting up the both on the first day and displaying our awesome banner!

Saturday we were all there and looked quite snazzy in orange if I do say so myself.

Gotta give back to the childrens.

Ok, so Sunday we finally had some time to leave our God-forsaken booth and venture around. As a result I got to meet one of my huge heroes going all the way back to school: Ragnar!! You know you've made it when you only go by one name. And as usual, totally made an ass of myself, hahaha.

Bought some Silver guy's 2nd sketchbook and he drew this girl in it. Gotta support new up and coming artists, y'know?

This one's for you Steve...

Wolvy and a rarely seen Bishop!

At the end we were all weary as hell. Robert cried. I hung myself. The end. Dontcha just love happy endings?...


Matthew Long said...

Nice Tron shorts!

Aaron Lane said...

Soooo, I'm assuming this is checked from time to time by you guys. I tried to find an Orange Shirt Facebook, but to no avail. Maybe i just didn't look hard enough :/. Anyyyways, this is Aaron Lane the Triptych Books with "Trigger Men". I finally got a chance to read the comic and it was pretty sweet! The mix of all the different styles and stories was awesome. As for my favs from each story: 1. In the first story I loved how all the adventurers were just sitting around drinking tea with their legs crossed and proper like. lol, and how the wizard is kind of a chicken shit, or so it seems, but he happens to be some great legend that apparently always gets through tough scrapes. Hilarious. 2. For the second story I really liked how clean the art was. Adobe Illustrator I assume? I can totally see that style and story in a television cartoon series. I also thought it was super funny how he was just effortlessly blocking and talking as the old dude threw his hissy fit. 3. Sorry to the other guys, but I think the third story was my favorite...Ha, the art and the narration were awesome together. I really really liked the first panel on the second page (of the desert road) and the panel where he's hunched over and looks like a cow grazing after the dialog about the cow. Really cool. And my girlfriend and I both had different interpretations of the story. So if you could you should let me know what the story is about :). 4. Finally, the last story was a really sweet way of ending the anthology. How can you not like a light hearted cartoon? The art was sharp and it was a fun read. Just gotta say PIZAZZ! lol. There are definitely more things that were really cool, but I feel like this is already a long comment haha. The only negatives were some minor typos here and there and in the first story i couldn't make out what some of the (i assume) water colored images were (first panels of pages 8 and 14), but nothing major. In all it was a really fun read. So, are you guys planning on coming out with anything else? Continuations of the stories perhaps? Let me know if you do. Hopefully you guys stick with it. Well it was nice meeting you guys at the con, hopefully the car ride back wasn't too bad. Oh and I hope I posted in the right place so it gets checked. Take care guys :).

Aaron Lane said...

Wow, that thing is beastishly bad. haha :)

Tal Moscovici said...

Matt: If Tron played b-ball his shorts would definitely look like that. What can I say? I set trends within a multitude of fashion realms. :P

Aaron: Hey it was awesome seeing you at Con man! You're right, we don't have a facebook or anything but are working on setting up a group blog. This blog is just my own personal one. And thanks for all the awesome compliments! Glad you enjoyed the comic! And you came to the right place to suck up to the 3rd story, hahahaha. I love that you and your gf had different interpretations of the story! I tried to keep it loose so people would just come up with their own symbols for it. Basically, the whole idea is that ultimate sacrifice for anything you truly care about. On the surface it appears that Chase sells his soul to get his guitar back but as it turns into that girl it also hints at love. So literally it can be taken as "Love is Damning". That was the basic theme I had in mind while working on it. But it works for the Blues, a guitar, money....Anything that makes life worth living...Is damning. Ironic, isn't it? Hope you guys weren't too far off, hahahaha.

We'll try to do more in the future, we're just not sure what yet. Thanks for the support man!

Aaron Lane said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, suck up? Ok ya, a little...haha, jk. It was nice meeting you as well man. And The girl and I weren't too far off on the meaning of your comic at all. Though the way you stated it made it a tiny bit clearer. Really cool premise for sure. and on a side note, if you've gotten a chance to read "Trigger Men" you should post what you thought on our Triptych facebook ;) haha. Well, i've gotta get up early tomorrow so i'm gonna have to wrap this up. Hope your guy's time back in LA has been good, and if you see all the other guys (and girl haha) tell them i said it was really nice meeting them and that I really enjoyed their work. Take care man.