Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mistaken for an escaped Silverback.....again.

Aaaaaand a half month later I finally post something new. Have I mentioned that I'm a compulsive liar amongst other things (megalomaniac, narcissist, stunningly handsome; the list goes on and on people).

I should note that the roughs for my comic are complete (at least for now) and as soon as I get some final pencils, I'll have maybe 1/20th of a panel up on the blog!! That's the side of a building or somebody's hand!!!! You don't want to miss that.

So on to the art work. Went to the Santa Ana Zoo not long ago and got some sorely needed (obviously) animal drawing in.

Ewww, probably should have started with horses to warm 'em up.

Ok, this was destined to be my greatest horse drawing ever...And then the horse FUCKING MOVED!!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL FOUL MOVING HORSE DEMON!!

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Matthew Long said...

I swear horses do that crap on purpose, they can sense the moment when you realize "Hey, this is looking good!" and then decide to mess with you. Next time ridicule it every time it moves, after several visits you may condition it to fear moving while you draw. "Hey horse face, your mother looks like a cow!" That'll teach 'em.