Saturday, August 18, 2007

I got a job not working and looking for work

Well I was thinking of something witty to say, but I just don't feel like being funny and suave and intelligent and good looking and godly today. Even God needed some rest; I mean, granted he created the universe and all, and I continue to struggle tying my shoes, but my brain needs a vacation. And you gotta' admit, those cylindrical shoe laces are hard to tie, damn it! It's like they want you to fail.

But here's the art. First off, I figured that I hadn't colored anything in a while so I said what the heck-gee-golly-gosh-darn and done up Bettie all nice and perty like. I think it turned out pretty good.

Oh and for the record, it'll be a long time before I clean anything, so get used to it. It's funny because most people say they love seeing the construction and lines and so on, yet everybody continues cleaning up their work. When 2D comes back I hope to see more rough colored animation. Line economy work is great, though. Here's one of my many rare (wait, many rare?) attempts to limit my line:

Sexyyyy; I've obviously got a saggy calf fetish


Sal Lopez said...

Ha, got a job not working... that's a classic! An artists life in one sentence.

Nice color, keep posting color every now and then.

John said...

Hey Talamander,

Betty looks awesome in color! The single line piece is great, nice descriptive line. I agree with you too, some drawings look great when their not cleaned up.

Look forward to more posts, perhaps we could see some awesome pieces depicting you at this, obviously, sweet new job! Are they hiring?

Tal Moscovici said...

Hey thanks guys! I'll try to post some more color things; I know they're too far inbetween.

And yeah John, they're hiring but unfortunately pay and benefits are quite shitty. By the way, that Simpsons version of you is pretty sweet! Either that or you got some kind of sick fascination with Brian Kennon.

james ramos said...

keep working... working working not working not working.... haha does that make sense? I figure if im not gonna make sense this is the place to not do it or do not do it. HAHA

james ramos said...

nice btw

Angela said...

How awesome! I love the Betty!